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The key to managing weight is to establish why those extra pounds were gained in the first place. Research shows that people who opt for a rapid weight loss approach by following a temporary low fat diet, usually regain the weight they have lost once they return to their normal eating habits. The most effective solution is to gradually lose the weight at a rate of around one to two pounds per week by following a healthy and well balanced diet.  This should be combined with regular exercise to help lose the fat and tone the muscles.

You are what you eat

I can work with you to devise an eating programme to suit your lifestyle, offering support that will motivate you to stay on track and achieve your natural body weight, at a safe and healthy rate. I can then help you establish a realistic long term eating plan that will help you maintain your natural weight.

My weight loss tool kit will help you succeed and achieve a happy and healthy you:

  • A course of delicious meal plans.
  • Shopping lists to send you down the right aisles.
  • A guide to understanding and benefitting from food labels.
  • Kitchen check! I’ll work with you to refresh your store cupboard and fridge.
  • Tips on how and when to eat, when to exercise and when to weigh yourself.

How I have helped

“I have been on a number of the well-known diets for as long as I can remember with the same results. I’d lose weight slowly for a few weeks and then plateau. During the first consultation, Tracey explained what changes I should make and why which was a real eye opener – for years I had been doing things that I thought were the “right” things to do. I also never realised how much my moods were dictated by the food I was eating.

The first few weeks were tough but so worthwhile and understanding why I was making certain changes definitely helped. I lost 10lb in the first 5 weeks and already people were noticing the difference in my shape and moods.”

Helen Feander, Hemel Hempstead

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