Are you suffering with your digestion?

The digestive system is one long tube with many tasks, starting at the mouth and passing through the entire body, digesting and absorbing nutrients from the food we eat that allow the body to function, whilst eliminating any waste. It is responsible for our overall maintenance, growth and repair and works as a barrier to protect us from unwanted bacteria and food that our bodies simply cannot digest. With such a big role to play it’s important to maintain a healthy digestive system by following a nutritious diet.

Digestive problems can make you feel unwell, cause discomfort and even be debilitating, often affecting energy levels and your overall sense of wellbeing. It could be a single food that is part of your regular diet that can lead to painful or embarrassing symptoms such as:

  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Wind
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation


Eat right for you

A few simple dietary changes could reduce and alleviate any digestive problems you may be experiencing helping you to regain control.  Eating nutrient dense foods that suit you as an individual can help you reduce or eliminate pain, feel more energised, improve your skin, lose weight and flatten your stomach by reducing bloating and wind.

I can help you understand why you are experiencing these symptoms and work to adjust your diet accordingly.  I will provide you with a bespoke nutritional programme including meal plans, recipes and shopping lists geared to your lifestyle.

If appropriate I may recommend laboratory testing for further investigation either privately or by referring you back to your GP.  Testing can help identify the cause of the symptoms and allow a more targeted nutritional programme.

How I have helped

“I contacted Tracey after being diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). I was prescribed a course of antibiotics by my GP, which although appeared to improve some symptoms, made me feel much worse. I was suffering from bloating, extreme fatigue, low mood and soreness in my stomach.

Tracey recommended some simple dietary changes, which were easy to implement and within just three weeks I felt a huge improvement in my energy levels and stomach symptoms. Tracey gave clear explanations of what would work and why, which helped me understand the importance of eating unprocessed, natural foods, helping me follow her advice.

People have commented that my skin is looking better, that my eyes are brighter and that I generally seem well. I would not hesitate to recommend Tracey, she is extremely knowledgeable and her approach is individualistic, tailored specifically to each person. I am so happy that I contacted her.”

Claire Doherty, Cheddington

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