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Nutrition for you

I believe that it’s really important to make my fees transparent so that there are no unexpected financial surprises when you start working with me and you know what to expect. Journeying into Functional Medicine is not inexpensive, but it is an investment in your health, and you will save money in the long run.  My consultation fees are listed below, and the only additional costs involved are (optional but frequently recommended) functional laboratory tests and supplements.

All consultations are available via my Virtual Clinic.

Discovery call

15 – 30 minutes – complementary
Once you have booked your discovery call slot, I will email you my discovery call health assessment form. There are 14 questions, which will help you begin to reflect on your health and help me prepare for our call, which is why I will need the completed form back from you ideally the day before. The call is open without expectation just an opportunity to meet each other and explore your individual requirements and any health issues, to enable you to understand more about my approach, to assess whether nutritional therapy is the most suitable route for you to take and whether I am the right therapist for you.

If and when you book your initial consultation, I will then ask you to complete my intake forms, which include a health questionnaire, symptoms screening, a three-day food diary, etc. prior to your initial consultation. This will help me to understand your current lifestyle and eating habits so that I can start to build an overall picture of you.

Initial consultation

90 minutes – £210
Your nutritional therapy programme will begin with a video consultation where we will discuss your health goals, your (and your family) medical health history, your current (and prior) diet as well as your symptoms and allergies. I take a holistic approach so it’s helpful for me to understand any lifestyle factors such as stress, family or work pressures that could be affecting your health.  By the end of your consultation, I aim to have a clear understanding of factors that may be influencing your current health status. Together we will devise a personalised and practical phased nutritional programme tailored to your lifestyle to support your health encompassing as appropriate, diet and lifestyle modifications, supplemental support, functional laboratory testing options and/or medical referrals as necessary. I will also give you some relaxation tips to include breathing techniques and ways to help you sleep soundly at night. You will leave with a clear understanding of how we can work together to achieve your optimum health through nutrition.

Please note that this is primarily an information and planning session; detailed dietary advice including meal planning, recipe recommendations and shopping lists, may not be included at this session, dependent on the complexity of your case.  Most clients are invited to book an Implementation Session shortly after the Initial Consultation to discuss these elements in more detail.  A brief written summary of your Tracey Harper Nutrition Recommended Programme will be sent to you within 5 business days of your Initial Consultation.

Implementation session

15 minutes – £40
30 minutes – £75
45 minutes – £110
60 minutes – £140
The implementation session takes place 1-2 weeks after your initial consultation. At this session, we discuss the detail of your programme including meal planning, recipe recommendations, shopping lists, modifications and practicalities of functional laboratory tests.  We’ll also address specific questions you may have following your Initial consultation.  Please note that this appointment is only bookable on completion of an Initial consultation.

Review consultation

15 minutes – £40
30 minutes – £75
45 minutes – £110
60 minutes – £140
These consultations are to review your progress, evaluate the efficacy of your programme, discuss any challenges and build on the initial and implementation sessions to fine tune your programme in alignment with your goals. We can make any necessary adjustments to your programme so that I can support and motivate you to continue and succeed.

Review consultations are also appropriate for clients on a bi-annual or annual maintenance programme.  Please note that these appointments are only bookable after completion of an initial consultation.

Test interpretation consultation

15 minutes – £40
30 minutes – £75
45 minutes – £110
60 minutes – £140
To review and explain the results of your functional laboratory tests including how to best incorporate test results into your programme.

Programme package

A Tracey Harper Nutrition Consultation Package is perfect for those committed to working closely with me in a targeted, intensive way over a 3-6-month timeframe.

Packages can be particularly beneficial if you’re undertaking functional testing with me, as I really want spend time with you explaining your test results and ensuring you understand the findings and implications. A packaged consultation approach can also be really helpful if you have more complex/chronic health conditions, if your programme needs regular fine-tuning and adjusting – and if you’re the type of person who appreciates and benefits from regular contact, support and accountability.

This consultation package comprises a pre-defined amount of consultation time that can be allocated to different consultations. For example, you may choose weekly 15-minute phone calls for motivation, opt for a 45-minute review every month, or need two 60-minute appointments close to each other to review detailed laboratory testing results and incorporate them into your programme.

Packages are valid for 6 months, from date of purchase

6-Hour Consultation Package: £780 or 3 monthly payments of £280

Focused attention on your case

I allocate time with each session to work on your case behind the scenes, research the medical literature, contact the labs and supplement companies, collaborate with other professionals if necessary, in order to provide you with the best advice.  By allowing time before and after each session to prepare and research, I am able to be 100% focused on your case.

In less than 6 months Tracey has helped me transform my health. For many years I have been working to try and resolve chronic health issues, with some success, but not enough. I was tired of being exhausted, having seemingly random but severe intolerant reactions to food and lesser, albeit draining, symptoms. I had tried everything, educating myself about gut health, excluding different things from my diet, having intolerance tests, trying different supplements, basically an amateur process of trial and error. I had seen another nutritionist and had cut out gluten (more or less), tried excluding cow’s milk products, given up alcohol and had a pretty ‘clean’ diet, but I was still far from healthy. So, when I turned to Tracey for expert help, I have to confess that my expectations weren’t very high. I assumed that there would be a few tweaks and I would have to just put up with suboptimal health.

Right from our free 15 minute discovery conversation, my hopes were raised and I had immediate confidence in Tracey’s deep knowledge combined with her rigorous, empathetic approach. I could have cried (in fact I think I did).  For the first time, I believed I would have some well-founded answers and a path to better health and wellbeing. We embarked on a structured process of detailed evaluation, testing, discovery, learning and partnership. Tracey took me on a deep dive of my medical history and educated me about crucial linkages in health events and symptoms that I had never known. I learned a lot about my thyroid condition, thyroid function and even the fact that I had an auto-immune condition, which had never been explained to me in 25+ years. The crucial link with gluten was explained and I learned the science behind it, no longer relying on my best-guess. My current medical symptoms and metabolic state were assessed in detail, giving a base reading which was more shocking than I had appreciated. Various lab tests were conducted which provided evidence of the source of my problems. My progress was measured regularly which I found very compelling Tracey explained key concepts so I understood the ‘why’ of recommendations particularly relevant to my health, shared articles, provided great recipes and has supported me through manageable step-by-step change. As I changed my diet and took relevant supplements, I was able to come off unnecessary medication (including long-term steroids). I am still trying new meal ideas and trying to expand my diet repertoire. It does take some work, but it is so worth it.

So in less than 6 months I have gone from all-over inflammation, chronic lethargy, leaky gut, major digestion problems, constant rhinitis, aching joints, poor immunity, brain fog, feeling washed out and looking pale…..(I could go on)…… to feeling and looking like a new person. I have so much more energy now, my gut is happy, my brain is sharp, my skin is bright, my airways are clear, I feel balanced and vibrant. I feel so much better than I had hoped for. I highly recommend Tracey to anyone who wishes to transform their health. Thank you so much.


Nutrition for your business


Price on application
Workshops tailored to your business to help employees understand the connection between diet, health and wellbeing. Each employee would take away an action plan to help them make the dietary changes necessary to improve their overall performance with tips to keep them on track.

One-to-one sessions

Refer to Nutrition for you Consultations and Prices detailed above.

Working with catering teams

Price on application
If your company has a canteen, I can work with the catering team to help develop nutritious recipes and appealing menus to fuel employees through the working day.

“Many thanks for coming Tracey, I have already received some positive feedback. Thanks for sending the slides through, the group are really keen to have them. I love the recipe and will be trying it myself this weekend!”
Sandy Heer, HR Business Partner, Standards & Publishing, BSI


Weight loss programme

£600 for a group booking of up to 8 people for the six week course (courses need to be booked in groups).
The weight loss programme consists of six hour long weekly sessions each themed around a specific nutritional area. The workshops can take place in Berkhamsted or Chesham at a date and time to suit the group.

If you are interested in this workshop and unable to form your own group please get in touch to register your interest. I will then confirm when individual workshop places become available.

Cookery demonstrations

Price TBA
I will be running a series of cookery demonstrations to inspire you with delicious recipes created with foods to support specific health issues. Look out for more details!

“I have been on a number of the well-known diets for as long as I can remember with the same results. I’d lose weight slowly for a few weeks and then plateau. During the first consultation, Tracey explained what changes I should make and why which was a real eye opener; for years I had been doing things that I thought were the “right” things to do. I also never realised how much my moods were dictated by the food I was eating. The first few weeks were tough but so worthwhile and understanding why I was making certain changes definitely helped. I lost 10lb in the first five weeks and already people were noticing the difference in my shape and moods.”
Helen Feander, Hemel Hempstead

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