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“I sought support from Tracey after a few months of very difficult symptoms, including episodes of palpitations, nausea and lots of digestive issues. I’d reached a point where I was seeing doctors regularly, but nothing was helping, and I was exhausted and fed up.

One of the best parts of seeing Tracey was how she spent time getting a full and detailed history. I really felt like she wanted to understand what was going on, and she mapped out all past medical problems and the current issues to try and make links, which I really felt I’d been missing from previous help. I have a number of pre-existing conditions and lots of allergies and Tracey was always very understanding and found ways to work with this.

Tracey was really nice and helpful throughout and gave me many different ways of improving my health and wellbeing. She targeted lots of areas of my life and after making the changes she suggested, I now feel I’m at the most well I’ve been for over a year. I hope to continue the plans Tracey has set me up with to continue this improvement in the future.”

“I worked with Tracey Harper from November to January and she is an extremely professional and thorough Nutritional Therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and gave me a huge amount of support without dictating what I should do!

Not only did Tracey review my symptoms and diet extremely thoroughly, she also arranged extensive testing for me and suggested other lifestyle changes that have significantly improved my quality of life.

Tracey then wrote to my GP with my test results and alerted the GP to a couple of results that were concerning/needed further investigation. As a result, my GP referred me on to a private Gastroenterology Consultant, where the investigations continue.

Tracey definitely helped me get to this stage and I would have no hesitation recommending her and indeed visiting her again if I can.”

Clare, Aylesbury
“I contacted Tracey after being diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). I was prescribed a course of antibiotics by my GP, which although appeared to improve some symptoms, made me feel much worse. I was suffering from bloating, extreme fatigue, low mood and soreness in my stomach.

Tracey recommended some simple dietary changes, which were easy to implement and within just three weeks I felt a huge improvement in my energy levels and stomach symptoms. Tracey gave clear explanations of what would work and why, which helped me understand the importance of eating unprocessed, natural foods, helping me follow her advice.

People have commented that my skin is looking better, that my eyes are brighter and that I generally seem well. I would not hesitate to recommend Tracey, she is extremely knowledgeable and her approach is individualistic, tailored specifically to each person. I am so happy that I contacted her.”

Claire Doherty, Cheddington
I visited Tracey in late 2015 after suffering for about 25 years with various digestive issues which started after a severe case of salmonella food poisoning and were then exacerbated by a subsequent campylobacter infection a couple of years later. Over the years I visited various gastroenterologists to try to find out what I could do to put things right, but always came away feeling the prescribed drugs were not the answer and I was no further forward.

Tracey’s approach was both gentle (in that she did not hit me with the full impact of what I was undertaking on the first day) and firm (in that she made it clear that I needed to stick to the rules and learn to cook if I was ever going to help myself).

Several months on, having been through the elimination diet and come out the other side, I am drug-free, much, much healthier and able to say that my symptoms have reduced to a point where I no longer spend my life thinking about my stomach and gut! Additionally, if something does trigger a reaction I am armed with the knowledge of what to do to put my system back on the straight and narrow. I have not finished the process yet, but know that it will be fine at the end.

I feel I have been on a life changing, and quite tough, journey. Looking back I would not have started it and could not have undertaken it without the expert guidance of Tracey. Thank you.

Jaqui Winston, Felden, Hemel Hempstead

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“I always come away from our appointments feeling lighter and like my life has been enriched. I have woken this morning with new resolve and started the day with a lovely breakfast salad.”
Christine, Leighton Buzzard
“I wanted you to be the first to know.

I have just come back from Diabetic annual assessment. The Diabetic nurse is amazed at my results. Her words were ‘the doctor & I have never seen such a drop in sugar levels, other than handled with increased medication, I will live a lot longer’

I know I feel so much better in myself, no more pains or feeling lethargic.

All thanks go to you, because you showed me the way.”

Ruth Hatt, Little Gaddesden
“I felt supported to set my own goals and to work towards them in a way that was comfortable for me. I really believe that I could not have made the changes without Tracey’s help. I liked all the great recipe ideas which I think made the process feel exciting.

I am so glad that I took the step to start looking after myself better. I feel a great deal happier, with more energy and less problematic periods. My skin looks great. They are changes which I know I will be able to maintain too.”

Anonymous, Berkhamsted
“I went to see Tracey for advice on nutrition as I was suffering from bloating and every menopausal symptom under the sun; hot flushes, skin rashes, insomnia to name a few. Tracey suggested a detox diet of no sugar, no grains, no bread, no alcohol and no diet drinks. I live on bread, baked potatoes and drink a lot of diet drinks so this was hard for me.

I ate chicken and vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs and fruit. After two weeks I felt amazing; much lighter, no bloating, my eyes were white again and my skin was glowing. I now follow this plan during the week and eat what I like in moderation at the weekend and it works!”

Sara O'Dell, Bedford
“I met Tracey 10 years ago. I had just had a baby and I was very eager to lose the baby weight, which was proving to be really hard. Tracey spotted really quickly that I probably had a Thyroid problem. She advised me to get it checked out. Soon after I was told I had under active thyroid and Hashimotos’ disorder. If it was not for Tracey I would probably still be in limbo as my GP said I was depressed and I had to really push for a thyroid test.

After all these years I have not stopped seeing Tracey. She has helped me unconditionally through all the process of becoming healthy. A year ago she recommended that I follow a gluten free diet. Since being gluten free my energy levels have increased enormously and she also recommended that I reduce my sugar intake, which has helped me with my mood.

I totally recommend Tracey. She is very professional, caring, helpful and a wonderful person. Her own recipes are delicious; she gives you tips and is always able to help.”

Margarita Salomó, Berkhamsted
“I visited Tracey as I suffer from very painful periods, allergies and because I wanted to lose weight and optimise fertility. I found Tracey very easy to talk to and she implemented changes to my diet which I found easy to incorporate with recommended supplements.

I saw a remarkable improvement in my period pain just three weeks after adopting the changes and this has continued. I used to be reliant on a pack of painkillers to get me through which I haven’t needed for the last three months. I have seen a gradual reduction in my weight and I have had no problems with my eczema despite having a very stressful time at work. I would recommend Tracey to anybody suffering from these problems.”

Sarah, Bovingdon
“I am a 33 year old vegetarian who actively participates in sport and has a very physical job. As a result of various medical procedures I was forced into early menopause. I became acutely aware that nutrition was vitally important for my wellbeing but I didn’t know where to start.

I consulted Tracey and she explained that by supplementing my diet and eating the right food I could maintain optimal health. Tracey explained things in a way that I could understand and adapted a plan around my personal preferences. As a result, I have found it easy to implement her suggestions. I now realise how easy it is to become stuck in the same eating pattern and have felt the benefits of taking good quality supplements and eating a varied diet.”

Liezel, Berkhamsted
“I suffered from very painful periods for several years, so much so that I would faint and some months I would have to take time off work. Eventually I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I consulted Tracey who explained the importance of how eating the right foods and supplementing my diet could address the symptoms.

My periods are now pain free. I also wanted to become pregnant and as I was 43, I decided to embark on IVF. Throughout this treatment I continued to follow Tracey’s dietary advice. My first IVF attempt was successful and I am now a mother of healthy twins. I feel that modifying my diet with Tracey’s help made a significant contribution to my success story.”

Emma, London

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“For many years I have suffered with diabetes and have struggled to maintain my blood sugar levels as I did not really understand the great impact food has on diabetes and blood sugar.

Tracey was able to explain in a simple way what was happening with my body as well as how to manage my blood sugar levels. As a result I feel I have more energy and have even lost some weight!”

Rosa Cumbo, Berkhamsted
“Tracey has done a fabulous job on educating me on improving my food choices, which in turn has increased my energy levels and general wellbeing.

Tracey has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me move my mindset from my normal food choices. I have never had so much energy.”

Nicola Stopps, Tring

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Men’s Health

“Tracey was recommended to me by my sister and her husband who had both seen great results. It was one of the best things I have ever done and I am thinking about retraining as a nutritionist as a result.

It may sound obvious but it really does make a huge difference what you put into your body. I found the whole process surprisingly simple and the recipes easy to follow and quick. I never feel hungry and I have way more energy as the dips in my blood sugar that were causing me lethargy and an inability to concentrate have receded.

I have also lost weight! I would highly recommend Tracey Harper to anyone who wants to improve their diet; she will tailor it to your lifestyle and as long as you listen to what she says, you WILL see results. Good luck!”

Tim Mowbray, London
“At 47, I needed to sort out my diet and health and went to see Tracey. Tracey was just the tonic I needed. Whilst supremely knowledgable Tracey breaks things down into simple, understandable terms. Guidance is easy to follow and my goals have been hit in a much shorter timeframe than I had thought possible. A big thank you Tracey!”
Anonymous, Cheddington
“My work with Tracey has encouraged me to see my eating and health in a new light. I now think really carefully about what I put into my body. As a result of my work with Tracey I have gone from an admittedly not massive thirteen and a half stone to a more pleasing eleven and a half stone.

I didn’t know I could lose weight like this and feel so much better. I have managed to do this by looking at what I eat and understanding its impact. I am now much more in tune with my body and I can sense when I eat things that aren’t good for me.

Tracey’s knowledge, friendly support, yet honest advice about what is needed has helped me to do this.

Nic, Berkhamsted
“I visited Tracey at the start of 2016 having suffered with post viral arthritis for 3 years. Whilst my condition was stable under medication, I wanted other solutions to help nullify this problem. In addition to the frustrations of my illness I was also under great stress at work, which undoubtedly wasn’t helping my general health. Ultimately I wanted a natural approach to help my general wellbeing.

Tracey’s approach was both thorough and considered. We started to adjust my diet slowly with various supplements and some mindfulness added to my daily routine. Now less than 2 years later I have no arthritis symptoms and I am no longer taking any medication. It has been a life changing process. Tracey has been extremely supportive and her guidance through this time has been reassuring, clearly with positive results. Thank you.”

Simon Kay, Felden, Hemel Hempstead
“Tracey’s advice and help has been central to me meeting my health challenges. After over a week in hospital on an intravenous drip with swine flu and an acutely inflamed gall bladder I lost over a stone in weight and had a compromised immune system which prevented me from having the gall bladder removed.

My doctors, who have been fantastic, advised me to put on weight, avoid fats and improve my immune system but with little guidance on how to achieve this. Tracey has filled this gap. Her instructions are clear, in a straight forward language and she explains the thinking behind all of her recommendations.

Tracey endeavours to solve problems with food first and supplements second and has a wealth of helpful recipe instructions to support this which I have found invaluable. Tracey is patient and thoughtful and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

John Grimes, Berkhamsted
“I approached Tracey with some questions regarding diet and general health. With a few small changes I’ve improved sleep, energy levels and general wellbeing.

I’ve also gained useful knowledge that I now use regularly when deciding what foods are best for me and my family. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey for any of your nutritional needs.”

Jim Emerson, Berkhamsted
“Anticipating going through a difficult period with my health I decided it was a smart idea to get the best nutritional support I could in order to best support my body on its journey. Enter Tracey – with her expert guidance and knowledge, I went from eating horrible processed foods to eating nutritional, tasty meals that I honestly feel have helped me make a quicker recovery than I otherwise would have. What’s more, I have now made what I consider to be a permanent positive change in my attitude to food and to myself. Thank you, Tracey!”
Chris, Wiggington

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“My new diet is going fabulously well. I feel much better. Far less tired and have got a much better attention span, an area that was really worrying me. In addition, I have lost 5lbs since Christmas and am well on the way to losing the stone that I am desperately trying to lose.”
Ruth, Little Gaddesden
“I have been on a number of the well-known diets for as long as I can remember with the same results. I’d lose weight slowly for a few weeks and then plateau.

During the first consultation, Tracey explained what changes I should make and why which was a real eye opener; for years I had been doing things that I thought were the “right” things to do. I also never realised how much my moods were dictated by the food I was eating.

The first few weeks were tough but so worthwhile and understanding why I was making certain changes definitely helped. I lost 10lb in the first five weeks and already people were noticing the difference in my shape and moods.”

Helen Feander, Hemel Hempstead
“I have been really enjoying my new eating regime.

I had my mini health check-up today and my cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure were all ‘green’, yay! It also confirmed that I have lost 12 lbs since I started my new food regime with Tracey.

I’m enjoying the food, getting myself into a good routine and the results are showing. Thank you!”

Sasha Evans, Senior Manager, Wellbeing, BGL
“I found the 6 week course an invaluable tool to help me finally lose some weight. I have also began to feel more well and less tired. It’s helped me have a more consistently healthy diet and a stronger passion for healthy eating. It was also very informative and Tracey had many ideas on how to improve each person’s situation. Thank you Tracey!”
“Tracey’s sessions were informative and enjoyable. There is so much conflicting advice out there about healthy eating so it was great to be able to clarify what really matters. Tracey tailored the sessions to our needs and always followed up with useful tips, recipes and suggestions to keep us on track. Her personal feedback on our food diaries was illuminating! I would highly recommend Tracey, she is passionate about what she does.”

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General health and wellbeing

“Thank you very much for your help in sorting out my joint pains and breathing difficulties. I had no idea how to help myself recover and your clear guidance has been exactly what I needed. After 6 weeks, I feel like a new person with no pain and plenty of energy.”
Janet Croft, Berkhamsted
“I wanted to thank you so much for all your advice, it’s actually been life changing for me, not only nutritionally but how I think about things in my life.”
Sarah Ferguson, Aylesbury
“Tracey has been amazing. The advice she provided has completely changed my way of eating. My lunches were so boring which I just grabbed as a quick break during the day. I also felt my skin could be improved by changing the food I ate.

With Tracey’s help, I have transformed not only my lunches but also breakfast, snacks and dinner. I am seeing an improvement in my skin, I feel better generally and although I think I’m eating more I have actually lost a little bit of weight.

Tracey is so knowledgeable and has a way of gently encouraging me. She’s patient, easy to talk and gave me confidence to implement the changes. Planning a weekly menu makes so much sense as I know exactly what I am having each day. I can easily create balanced meals that are varied and tasty.

Kate Marston, Tring


“After being diagnosed with genetic hemochromatosis I was advised by consultants to cut down on iron intake to help the reduction in my ferritin levels. This, coupled with fortnightly removal of a pint of blood, resulted in me struggling with energy levels, brain fogginess and heart palpitations. After a few weeks I was then advised that I was anaemic!!.

Being completely confused about my diet I contacted Tracey to discuss how she could help. At my first meeting with her it was clear she had done her research in to what is a fairly uncommon condition and had spoken to other people who also had it. She advised that diet would have a minimal effect on the ferritin levels and that I should concentrate on gut function and general well being.

The diet has resulted in weight loss (without cutting down on portions), improvements in my skin and supported me in coping with the blood removal. My ferritin levels are slowly reducing and though there is some way to go over the next six months the advice is easy to follow and recipes simple but delicious. I would definitely recommend Tracey’s advice.”

Sue Hutchison, Hertfordshire

Business & Workshops

“Many thanks for coming Tracey, I have already received some positive feedback.

Thanks for sending the slides through, the group are really keen to have them. I love the recipe and will be trying it myself this weekend!”

Sandy Heer, HR Business Partner, Standards & Publishing, BSI
“I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’ve taught me the foundations of living healthily and having a better perspective of eating. I never quite knew where to start, but now I do. The little changes have been simple but life changing.”
“Really, really useful advice, pitched just right and in a friendly, safe environment. Would really recommend to friends.”
“Very thought provoking. I enjoyed the breakout sessions.”
“I really enjoyed it and has made me think about things I need to start doing e.g. eating a healthy breakfast. Going to start well with porridge today!”
“As usual Tracey you have such a wonderful way of sharing your passion and knowledge about nutrition.”

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